Foto Friday: Funky Meets Upscale Chic in East Hampton

Look at all the color!
Look at all the color!

Summer Fridays here in New York City mean one thing and one thing only: everyone is headed to the Hamptons. Many city slickers rent houses and the lucky ones know someone who did. But we'd argue that the even luckier ones stay at the C/O The Maidstone, a quirky, cool spot that is personable enough to be a home away from home, but much more chic than your average weekend renter. With cowhide rugs offering a mellow contrast to the rainbow-bright pillow collection in the lobby, and lots of floral printed chairs and cozy fabrics, you'll feel inspired to put on your summer best just to measure up to your surroundings. If you feel like exploring, the center of town it is just a short walk away -- or you can opt to hop on one of the hotel's free bikes. Free yoga in the Buddha garden ensures you'll look toned when you hit the beach, and the fine dining restaurant and lounge means you won't have to worry about venturing out to find a gourmet meal. Now that's what we call a chic Hamptons weekend.


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