Foto Friday: Name Your Price!

We're gearing up for our annual ski trip, and Breckenridge is one our favorite places to hit the slopes. While checking out the rates (and not to mention the views!) for our winter outing, we came across a two-bedroom residence at the One Ski Hill Place, which includes a private kitchen, fireplace, and balcony with spectacular views. Not too far down the road we found a three-bedroom condo at the Village at Breckenridge Resort, which also boasts a private kitchen, fireplace, and balcony with equally amazing views. But one of these units books for $830 per night, while the other books for only $340 a night. Which is which? Check out the views each hotel offers, then find the answer after the jump!


One Skill Hill, a Rockresort


Village at Breckenridge Resort

If you guessed higher rates at One Ski Hill, then you’re correct! Though both have great amenities, ski perks, and balcony views, One Ski Hill is a tad more luxurious. Sure, the Village rooms aren't as glam (the resort is rated three-pearl while One Ski Hill is four) but we love the idea of saving a pretty penny without having to skimp on great resort offerings and amenities! However, with an extra room, you won't have an excuse for leaving the in-laws at home!

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