Foto Friday: Name This City!

Show us what you think of this mystery city!
Show us what you think of this mystery city!

Baseball fans might have an easier time guessing this gorgeous city, whose stadium has one of the highest attendance records in the MLB. But this mystery locale is also known for some of its refreshing feats, including having the largest beer brewing plant in the world, and being the city where 7-Up and commercial iced tea were invented. The biggest reason we love this city, however, is for its contribution to hotels across the country: While staying at a downtown hotel, Cary Grant laid chocolates on the pillow of his female companion, leaving his mark on turn-down service (and surely his lady friend!) forever. But just what city are we talking about?

Think you know? Find out after jump!

Answer: St. Louis, Missouri (... We didn't want to make it too easy for you!)


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