Foto Friday: Name Your Price!

We're dreaming of heading out to Monterey County for a little R&R, and what better way to enjoy the Golden State than in a room with a view! We checked out our options, and found that plenty of stays along the coast offer phenomenal ocean views. Some hotels charge an arm and a leg for a peak at the Pacific waters, while others offer pretty reasonable rates for a breathtaking view. But sometimes it can be hard to tell which is which…

The Inn at Spanish Bay is a luxurious resort on Pebble Beach, with top-notch amenities including a sprawling golf course, five on-site restaurants, a spa, and spacious guest rooms. But visitors pay for this level of luxury, with standard Ocean View Rooms setting you back about $930 per night.

Not too far from the Inn at Spanish Bay is the Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa, which comes with much less sticker shock. While still a gorgeous, luxurious stay, a standard Ocean View Room at the Monterey Plaza Hotel will cost about a third (roughly $350 per night) of what Spanish Bay asks for. And Monterey Plaza doesn't skimp on the extras, either: The hotel boasts a rooftop spa, a beautiful outdoor restaurant, and large, elegant guest rooms.

Can you tell which view is which? Check out the rooms each hotel offers by clicking on the links above, take a guess in the comments section below, and then find the answer after the jump!


Option 2


Option 1

Option 1 is the less pricey Monetery Plaza Hotel and Spa, and Option 2 is the more expensive Inn at Spanish Bay!

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