The 5 Most Popular International Destinations Among American Travelers in 2015

Due to hectic work schedules and tight budgets, Americans are traveling less this year than they have in the past forty. But they're certainly still traveling, and this summer, many are jetting off to international locales. Here are the five most popular international destinations among American travelers this year. Are you visiting any of these countries? Maybe you should...

1. Mexico

Set on 12 acres, Haramara Retreat is focused on yoga and healthy dining.

Although travel in general is down, travel to Mexico is up! Americans are heading south to enjoy sandy beaches, warm weather, and tasty margaritas. The country is also increasingly popular thanks to a recent spurt in wellness travel. If you're seeking Zen, visit the gorgeous Haramara Retreat in Riviera Nayarit. Want the typical all-inclusive, booze-fueled getaway? Cancun's Excellence Playa Mujeres is our top pick.

2. Canada

Niagara Falls

Americans really love their neighbors! Taking second place this year is Canada, home to both cosmopolitan cities and beautiful natural wonders. Vancouver gives visitors a taste of urban Canadian life; about a 10-minute walk away from Robson Square's shops, restaurants, and bars, the Loden Hotel is a refined boutique in downtown Vancouver's Coal Harbour neighborhood. Vancouver Island is a popular destination come summer (we love Brentwood Bay Resort), as is Niagara Falls.

3. Britain

The Bath Priory Hotel is home to a spa, lovely grounds, and a Michelin-starred restaurant.

For the third most popular destination, we jump across the pond to Britain. Most Americans make for London, which makes sense -- as the largest city in Western Europe, London remains a global capital of fashion, finance, politics, and trade. But others head to quainter destinations like Bath, where stunning estates like Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel and The Bath Priory Hotel are known for calming spas and gorgeous grounds.

4. France

Hotel Le Canberra is a lovely boutique in Cannes.

Americans in Paris: It's been happening for a while, right? Like tons of our countryfolk, we've made trips to France this year as well, adding Parisian properties (like L'Empire Paris) to the site, as well as hotels in Provence, which is particularly popular in the summertime thanks to mild temperatures and beloved coastal towns like Cannes.

5. Italy

Not as tourist-heavy as destinations like Rome and Florence, Sicily has beautiful architecture and rich history.

It's not just because Americans love pasta; we're flocking to Italy this year because it boasts a truly diverse, stunning landscape, both culturally and naturally. Of course you can't miss out on key cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice; summer, though, is a lovely time to visit Tuscany -- we recommend staying at Il Pellicano, which overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea from a rugged hillside location -- and Sicily, where numerous hotels (like the Antica Badia Relais) are housed in old palazzos.

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