7 Super Racy, By-the-Hour "Love" Hotels You've Got to See to Believe

Photo: V8 Hotel

Although many of these hotels can be rented by the hour, they're a far cry from a sleazy roadside motel. In places like Japan or Brazil, where adults live with their parents until they're married, it can be hard for couples to find a private place for romance -- which is where these love shacks come in (there are over 35,000 in Japan alone). 

Expect amenities like discreet entrances (with private parking spots so no one will see you enter and leave), anonymous check-in (payment via ATM or from behind frosted glass), room service menus filled with costumes and toys rather than food, and themed rooms for every dream!

1. Unique Pension; Seoul, Korea

Photo: Unique Pension

Love ramen a little too much? Now you can literally eat, sleep, and breathe it by staying at the Unique Pension, which has a room designed around the famous noodle dish -- including a bed shaped like the hot soup container. Soup not your dream? There's also Starbucks, Heineken, and Apple themed rooms.

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2. Eden Hotel, Taiwan

Photo: Eden Motel

Download the Batman theme song on your phone and head to the Eden Motel in Taiwan, where you can live out your superhero fantasy -- and it will only cost you about $50 for three hours. The Bat Cave-themed suite has a faux-batmobile, bat signals galore, and of course a Batman-themed bed.

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3. Anniversary Inn; Salt Lake City, Utah

Photo: Anniversary Inn

The Anniversary Inn really has something for everyone, whether you dream of vacationing in Tuscany or um, Sturgis South Dakota. In the Sturgis room, you don't have to spend a night away from your precious motorcycle, which you can park in the room (next to the antique Harley that's already there).

4. Don Q Inn; Dogeville, Wisconsin

Photo: TripAdvisor LLC

Always dreamed of staying in an ice hotel, but hate the cold? Book the Northern Lights room at the Don Q Inn and sleep in a fake igloo (or warm up in the whirlpool) all under the glow of the faux Northern Lights (with the heat blasting, of course). Bonus: if you're really in to cheese, many of the rooms here come equipped with tubs made from 300-gallon copper cheese vats.

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5. Hotel Pelirocco; Brighton, England

Photo: Hotel Pelirocco

Star Wars fans, are you offended that "Brighton's sauciest boutique hotel" put single-sized bunk beds in the Lord Vader's Quarters room, rather than a queen or king-sized bed? What exactly are they implying? If sci-fi isn't your thing, you can stay in rooms themed after Motown, Dollywood, the Sex Pistols, Bettie Page, or a "rough trade record shop."

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6. Harmony Motel; Sao Paulo, Brazil

Photo: Harmony Motel

Avoid the Olympic crowd in Rio and host your own swimming competition at the Harmony Motel in Sao Paulo, where you can book a room with your very own private waterslide (lifeguard not included). Think Michael Phelps will be checking in here after the games?

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7. V8 Hotel; Stuttgart, Germany

Photo: V8 Hotel

Never got that race car-themed bed as a child? Achieve your dream (at least for a night) at the V8 Hotel, where you can rent a garage, racetrack, car wash, Route 66, gas station, or drive-in movie theater themed room.

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