Get Medieval in La Romana, D.R.

Located on Casa de Campo’s property, Altos de Chavon looks like it’s stuck in a time warp. Perfect for a…

Grime, Mold, and Cockroaches, Oh My!

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a hotel stay unpleasant — some grime under the sink, a wad…

Farewell, Caribbean King of Pop

A moment for Michael Jackson. A moment for the man who lived long, lived hard, lived weird. No one loves…

Sipping Red Stripe in the Sea

Located miles from the mainland off Jamaica’s South Coast, there is the unusual Floyd’s Pelican Bar. To get there, you…

Faked Photo of the Day: Breezes Montego Bay

The beautiful sunset, lush foliage, cushioned lounge chairs and decorative Jacuzzi tiles in the Breezes hotel website photo below look…

Early Buzz About Oyster Hotel Reviews

Oyster Hotel Reviews just launched, but bloggers and press are already talking about our unique and honest approach to reviewing…

Welcome to Oyster Hotel Reviews

Welcome to Oyster Hotel Reviews. The impetus for Oyster Hotel Reviews was a trip that Eytan – our VP of…

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