8 Men's Toiletries Women Are Packing When Traveling

Traveling as a couple is fun...but packing for two, not so much. Lighten your load (and maybe even save on baggage fees) by bringing one set of toiletries for both you and your other half to share. After all, the freebies in the hotel bathroom are a crapshoot. 

Yes, we are suggesting you recreate your travel toiletry collection from your guy’s supply. No, we not suggesting you shave with Barbasol. Instead, we’ve found options from the men's grooming aisle that really work and are nice to use -- for both of you.

1. Marlowe No. 002 Extra Moisturizing Body Lotion

Photo courtesy of Marlowe

No drippy lotion, this intense moisturizer makes short work of scaly heels and rough hands, courtesy of its eight amino acids. Infused with aloe (a bonus in case you overdo on the tropical sun), the scent is fresh, not flowery, with notes of lemon, bergamot, and black pepper accord.  Available in travel size as shown above.

2. Head & Shoulders Nourishing Shampoo

Photo courtesy of Head and Shoulders

He likes to use a dandruff shampoo. You like to use, well, something that won’t leave your hair like steel wool. Well, there is a shampoo that fights flakes and leaves your hair smooth and soft. It’s the guar bean, cotton seed, and soft wood extracts that do detangling duty in Head & Shoulders. The lavender scent helps to relax, too, making it perfect for a vacation. 

3. CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud

Photo courtesy of Clean

Fragrances that call themselves unisex often please no one in trying to please everyone. An exception is this scent that is a modern, lighter take on the traditional oud. It’s got a secret ingredient with a cool twist, too: Bushman’s Candle. The Himbas tribe waits until the hard, spiny shrub completes its natural life cycle before harvesting the bark from which fragrances are made. The process provides support that allows the African tribe to preserve their traditional lifestyle and encourages the farming of this sustainable plant.

4. C.O. Bigelow Marvis Toothpaste

Photo courtesy of C.O. Bigelow

A long-awaited getaway is the perfect time to add an upgrade to your daily drill. These Italian toothpastes build on the workaday mint varietals. Among the seven elevated options are Aquatic Mint (our vote for a beach vacation), spicy Ginger Mint, and Amarelli Licorice, an ode to the classic Calabrian confectioner. Who knew toothpaste could be elegant? Another perk is that it's available in travel size. 

5. Suave Essentials Cucumber Agave Smash Body Wash

Photo Courtesy of Suave

No girly smell, no pearlescent beads, no goop that takes forever to rinse off. Just a bargain body wash that gets the job done with vitamin E to soothe skin and a refreshing cucumber scent. Well worth packing for you and your guy -- and we'd argue that the cucumber scent (versus options like Wild Cherry Blossom and Sweet Pea & Violet) is the way to go.

6. V76 by Vaughn Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream in Desert Lime

Photo Courtesy of Vaughn

“This is honestly the most insane shave product on earth. It starts as a gel and turns to a cream. Most creams are drying, but it’s very hydrating and it gives the smoothest shave,” says frequent traveler Roxy Ierino of New York City, who uses it on her legs. The whipped cream-like lather softens scruffy stubble, making this find both guy- and girl-friendly. 

7. Yes To Natural Man Face Lotion SPF 15

Photo Courtesy of Yes To

This lotion contains shea butter, so it absorbs quickly and completely. Then zinc oxide and titanium dioxide double team to take on even Caribbean rays. It’s lightweight and dries matte (no shiny cheeks), so you can both make it part of your morning routine even after your vacation.

8. Dr.Jart+ Black Label Detox O2 Cleansing Foam

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Jart

This gentle, vegetable-based face wash is bubbly, yet has no sulfates. The water it’s made with has three times more dissolved oxygen than ordinary water, intended to detox skin. It sounds like the ideal his and hers cleanser to us.  

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