7 of the Most Colorful Streets in the World

While many buildings in cities can be rather neutrally toned, nothing brightens up a destination quite like a long row of vibrantly hued homes, shops, and more. Travelers can delight in strolls down such colorful streets all around the world—here, we pick some of our favorites. Better get your camera ready because these spots are destined for your Instagram!

Blue Streets, Chefchaouen, Morocco

Courtesy of Flickr/subherwal

This Moroccan town has not one, but dozens of blue streets painted with a mixture of chalk and pigment. The town became popular with Jewish and Muslim refugees fleeing Spain during the Reconquista, and the hue lining the street is thought to symbolize leading a spiritual life. (Though some locals argue that it’s used to keep the mosquitos away.)

Rue Crémieux, Paris

Courtesy of Wikimedia/Mu

While Paris has no shortage of charming streets, this cobbled one in the 12th arrondissement is a hidden gem. It’s often referred to as the Notting Hill of Paris, as it bears a similar aesthetic to London’s colorful Portobello Road (in the neighborhood of Notting Hill).

Avenida del Doctor José María Esquerdo, Villajoyosa, Spain

Courtesy of Flickr/Jean van der Sluijs

The tall, narrow fishermen’s homes along the beach in this port city are painted in vibrant colors, in theory to help sailors see them from the water. Villajoyosa, or La Vila, as it’s known to locals, is famous for its production of chocolate.

El Caminito, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Courtesy of Flickr/Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

In a city known as for its Beaux Arts architecture (it’s not called the Paris of South America for nothing), this bold alley certainly stands out. It caught the eye of composer Juan de Dios Filiberto, who wrote a famous tango inspired by it in 1926.

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Denmark

Courtesy of Flickr/Chris Brown

One of the most photographed locations in Copenhagen, this canalside row of 17th-century townhouses is now home to countless restaurants and cafes. Iconic Danish author Hans Christian Andersen lived here for nearly two decades.

Øvre Holmegate, Stavanger, Norway

This city along Norway’s west coast was not always home to such a bold street. Local hairdresser Tom Kjørsvik wanted to freshen up the neighborhood, so the homes were painted in bright palette suggested by artist Craig Flannagan. Norway is no stranger to colorful streets, and color-seekers might also enjoy checking out Bryggen, the series of historic and colorful Hanseatic trade buildings in Bergen.

Chalcot Square, London, U.K.

Located in Primrose Hill, just a few blocks from the park, this quaint square is filled with candy-colored row houses. Poet Sylvia Plath once lived here with her husband, Ted Hughes.

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