6 Travel Twitter Accounts You’re Not Following (But Should Be)

Photo Credit: Esther Vargas

Photo Credit: Esther Vargas

Say what you want about Twitter, but it really can be a great resource -- especially for those who travel often (or often dream of travel). The Twittersphere is teeming with travel junkies sharing tips, tricks, and treats -- from helpful packing lists to funny on-the-road tales. So we sorted through our massive rolodex and found six travel Twitter accounts that you're probably not following, but should be. And fear not -- we've got one for every style, so no matter your travel tendencies, there's an account that will speak, er, tweet to you.

1. If you need a laugh: @LunaticAtLarge

Kristin Luna’s twitter account reminds you that even super-cool travel and food writers who circle the globe visiting amazing countries and attending fabulous industry events aren’t immune to travel woes; at least she can laugh about it — and let’s you laugh about it, too! Luna does also tweet drool-worthy pics of her foodie adventures and celebrity meetings.

2. If you dig vids: @JacobTomsky

New York Times best-selling author of “Heads in Beds,” Tomsky is a former hotel employee whose book detailed crazy insider stories — as well as helpful insider tips. But his Twitter feed consists largely of video vignettes from his travels. Most recently, he took an interesting trip to Disneyland in Hong Kong.

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3. If you dream about the luxe life: @EliteTravelGal

Stacy Small is the founder and CEO of Elite Travel International. While she spends the majority of her time jetting back and forth between Los Angeles, Maui, and Vancouver, Small travels the world (in only the most luxurious of ways) and shares plenty of hotel news and pretty snaps. Plus, she also throws in some inspirational content.

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4. If you travel with your sweetie: @GoatsOnTheRoad

The duo behind the Goats on the Road travel blog, Nick and Dariece have been traveling the world as a couple for years, and thus have plenty of tips on what it’s like to live in various locations around the globeà deux. From cash-saving travel hacks to super-cool, unknown destinations, they’ve got the low-down on how to make it work no matter your pair’s relationship status or financial status. Their feed is constantly updated with guides, videos, and more.

5. If you travel solo: @GoGirlGuides

This account may be geared towards women, but the tips Go! Girl Guides share via Twitter can be helpful (and inspiring) for all solo travelers. Founder Kelly Lewis also shares interesting travel news on Oyster.com’s blog!

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6. If you seek hotel news, gorgeous pics, and travel tips: @OysterHotels

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