10 of the Most Beautiful Places in England

While London draws millions of visitors, there’s so much more to England than its capital city. The country is home to an array of lovely places and things that can only be truly appreciated in person. So after your visit to London, hop in a car and head off on an adventure to cross off some of the gorgeous spots on this list of the most beautiful places in England. 

1. Durdle Door, Dorset

Miles Sabin/Flickr

On the southern coast of England near Dorset is a beautiful rocky arch that ends in the sea called the Durdle Door. It’s part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, a rocky coast that exhibits over 185 million years of Earth’s history in the rock. The Durdle Door sits in the Lulworth Cove, a beautiful beachy area with clear blue waters. It’s well worth a visit to see the sight for photos and a fun-filled day of fossil hunting along the dog-friendly beaches of the area. 

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2. Minack Theater, Cornwall

James Court/Flickr

The coast of Cornwall is arguably one of the most beautiful coastlines in England, especially at Minack, a beautiful open-air theater carved into the granite of the cliffside that overlooks Porthcurno Bay. The theater is designed in the Greco-Roman style, with grassy seating and lush gardens with rare plants from as far as the Andes. It was built in 1932 and is still used today as a popular spot for summer dramas, concerts, musicals, and other events. Whether you visit during the day for the stunning views of the turquoise bay or for a performance at night, this beautiful spot is sure to be seared in your mind forever. 

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3. Bath

Pedro Szekely/Flickr

Bath’s fame may come from its appearance in the famous "Canterbury Tales," however, it's a stunning site all on its own. The city buildings with 18th-century Georgian architecture, featuring honey-colored stone that creates an elegant effect. Combine that architecture with the reflection from the River Avon that runs through the city and, well, wow. One can’t forget to mention the beautiful Roman Baths that the city is also well-known for. If you want to be entranced by historic beauty, trust us, Bath is the place for you. 

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4. The Seven Sisters, East Sussex

Nick Rowland/Flickr

Stark white cliffs sound like something from a fantastical novel, but they exist -- in England. You might be familiar with the iconic White Cliffs of Dover, but there's another great spot to see the chalk landforms. Known as the Seven Sisters, these white cliffs sit near the English Channel in East Sussex. The white cliffs contrast beautifully with the green grassland that covers them and the blue ocean below. Visitors can take walks or bike in the area and admire the beautiful scene of the Seven Sisters, though be careful: The cliffs are made of chalk and therefore aren’t the sturdiest. 

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5. Derwentwater, The Lake District


The Lake District is a beautiful national park in the mountainous region of England that draws 15.8 million people per year. It’s specifically Derwentwater, a three-mile long and one-mile wide lake in the region, that has our vote for one of the most beautiful places in England. The lake beautifully reflects the Northwestern Fells and Cat Bells, a group of hills that frame the lake with sprawling green in the summer, splashes of red and yellow in the fall, and snow caps in the winter. It’s well worth a walk along the shores or a ride on the boats that zip across the waters. 

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6. Lindisfarne Castle, Northumberland

Matthew Hunt/Flickr

England is home to many gorgeous castles, but one of our favorites is Lindisfarne Castle. This 16th-century fortress is the picture of a Romantic era that involved kings, queens, knights, and ladies of the court. It sits on a high volcanic mound on Holy Island near Northumberland and offers stunning views of water and land from its highest points. The castle is currently undergoing maintenance and will reopen in April 2018, but even though you can’t walk among it’s corridors right now, it’s still a magnificent and lovely sight to see. 

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7. The Needles, Isle of Wight

Charles D P Miller/Flickr

The Needles are one of England’s biggest attractions and it’s no wonder why -- they are quite lovely to behold. They are three white chalk formations that rise up from the English sea. There are many places around The Needles where you can take a great photo, but the crowd favorite is accessible by a chairlift that brings visitors to the top of Alum Bay cliffs.

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8. Norfolk Lavender Fields, Heacham

Karen Roe/Flickr

The thought of the English countryside conjures images of moors and grassy lands and hills. What travelers might not expect to see in England is 100 acres of purple lavender, but that’s exactly what you'll find at Norfolk Lavender Farm. The lavender fields were created in 1932 on private residence and have grown into a spectacular attraction to see. Travelers will want to visit the fields in summer when the flowers are in full bloom and the air is thick with their calming fragrance. 

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9. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall

Giuseppe Milo/Flickr

The ruins of Tintagel Castle create a lovely scene on the coastline of Cornwall. They dot the cliffs all the way down to the charming beach. The old stones, the green cliffs, and the ocean -- it’s a combo that’s stunning to behold. And did we mention that Tintagel Castle is known as the place where King Arthur was conceived? Yes, this place is definitely a must-visit. 

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10. Tresco Abbey Gardens, Isle of Scilly

Darren Smith/Wikimedia Commons

Off the coast of England, on the Isle of Scilly, there's a tropical paradise known as the Tresco Abbey Gardens. They were built in the 1800s on the ruins of a Benedictine abbey. There are a variety of subtropical plants that hail from the Mediterranean, Brazil, New Zealand, South Africa, and even Burma. With 17 acres of garden to explore, it's really a wonderful place to visit throughout the year. 

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