8 Things Every Traveler Should Pack

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Photo Credit: Molly.Low

Photo Credit: Molly.Low

You don’t need to bring a lot with you when you travel -- in fact, considering how exhausting traveling through airports can be these days, it makes sense to attempt to simply carryon whenever possible. 

Just be sure these eight great, multifunctional items make into your suitcase. 

Take a look at our list of essentials, and then let us know -- did we miss anything?

1. Scarf or Sarong

If you pack nothing else, be sure you have a long scarf or sarong. Long scarfs can be used as so many things: a blanket on a cold bus
ride, a towel in a pinch, even a headwrap when your hair looks a hot mess.
Scarfs are essential. We like Lululemon’s Vinyasa Scarf.

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2. Bandanna

It’s a handkerchief, it’s a tourniquet, it’s a headband. The
bandanna does it all, and I never leave home without one. For women with curlier hair, check out the Sue Maesta hood wrap. 

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3. Travel Pillow

Travelers need portable pillows for the planes, trains, and buses we find ourselves on. We love foldable pillows, like the Travelrest
Travel Pillow
 (pictured above). Or how about jackets that can become pillows, like the ExOfficio
Storm Logic Jacket

4. Water Purifiers

They may sound a little ridiculous, but water purifiers are great to have on hand…just in case. We love the SteriPEN Freedom (pictured), a tiny water purifier that sterilizes water with UV Rays. LifeStraw by Vestergaard, which removes 99.99% of waterborne
bacteria and allows the user to drink directly from puddles or streams when no
other water is available, is also a great choice.

5. Portable Charger

For the flashpackers among us, nothing is worse than
running out of battery for one of your devices. There are a ton of portable
chargers on the market, but we like the RavPower RP-PB13, which holds enough
power to charge a depleted iPhone seven to eight times.

6. Door Stopper

always recommend a rubber doorstopper to female travelers who feel nervous
traveling alone. Most hotel doors open inward, so this tiny little tool can
give you some peace of mind — and they’re no more than $5 at your local hardware
or office supply store!

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7. Journal

Traveling is such a wonderful time to reflect — that’s why an on-the-road journal is invaluable. There are a ton on the market, but we
love the Paperblanks travel journals, which are pretty to look at, and thus help to inspire us to write. Or you can go for a classic, like a Moleskine.

8. Travel Wipes

For spills, to prevent stains, you name it — there’s a reason why your mother always had a pack in her purse. Stick one in your carryon and you’ll always be able to get out of a sticky situation.

Did we miss something? Is there one thing you can’t travel without? Let us know! 

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