Bundle Breakdowns: Handicapping resort credits in the Dominican Republic

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Caribbean golfing at its best at Casa de Campo
Caribbean golfing at its best at Casa de Campo

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Turns out Orlando isn’t the only place where hotels are handing out resort credits. The Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic has a new offer out, its “Go Green in March” deal, that’s designed to lure visitors to the resort’s awesome golf courses before April 4. With promised savings of a whopping $525 per stay, this package is ripe for a Bundle Breakdown.

Is it really that great of a deal? We do the math, after the jump.

The offer mandates a five-night minimum stay, and the deal grants a free upgrade to an Elite room — “subject to availability.” Herein lies the $525 savings the hotel brags about: An Elite room, at $450 a night, sells for $105 a night more than a Luxury room, meaning after a five-night stay, you’ll have “saved” $525. It’s a pretty specious claim since you don’t actually pocket the $525 price difference. If that’s what passes for savings these days, well, Superior rooms, at just $295 a night, have access to the same world-class golf courses, beaches, and restaurants as the higher-priced accommodation types.

As for the resort credit, which is worth $200, guests have to book at the Luxury level in order to qualify for it; at that level, the total bill pre-taxes and fees bill would be $1,725. The credit is good at the resort’s golf pro shop and restaurants, so it’s certainly a worthwhile freebie on its own merits, particularly here, where you’ll easily spend more than $200 on food and beverage over a five-day stay.

So if you’re headed to Casa de Campo for golf rather than the in-room comforts, is this package really worth the extra outlay? Not really: Staying in a Superior room for five nights will run $1,475, saving you $300 over the price of booking a Luxury room. You’ll miss out on the $200 resort credit, but by forgoing the package, you’ve just created your own, more substantial deal.

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