Essential Looks for Cancun

What should I wear in Cancun? To stay cool, comfortable, and stylish on vacation in Cancun, you need to think about what to pack. Casual is the name of the packing and outfit game in Mexico's favorite beach town. We did the shopping for men and women, and found the very best Cancun outfits for the pool, daytime resort wear, and night clubs. *Adds to cart.

Before you check out the outfits, take a look at 11 things every traveler should know before going to Cancun

Cancun Poolside Outfits: Women and Men

For Cancun pool outfits, combine practicality and color. We love a bold swimsuit for Cancun. Men and women should experiment with neon touches that’ll really pop against the sparkling pools and ocean. Sandals are a must to prevent burning your soles on hot sand and pavement. To keep your eyes safe from Cancun’s serious sunshine, wear a floppy sun hat or a pair of polarized sunglasses. Finally, you’ll need a beach bag or anti-theft dry bag to stash your chemical-free sunscreen, room key, and latest beach read. Looking good and dressing smart, that’s your Cancun pool outfit motto.

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Cancun All-Inclusive Resort Outfits: Men and Women

What to wear during the day at your all-inclusive resort? Even the most luxurious all-inclusive Cancun resorts are pretty casual during the day. Women can opt for a floral-print dress and walkable wedge sandals. Don’t forget a lightweight cardigan if you’re dining indoors (air-conditioning is chillier than you think!). Men can go for a nice pair of khaki shorts and a high-quality t-shirt, dressed up a bit with a pair of comfy boat shoes. Keep the accessories to a minimum, like with a waterproof watch or small pair of hoop earrings. P.S. some of these pieces will do double duty at a trip to Chichen Itza.

Cancun Nightclub Outfits: Men and Women

A night out at one of Cancun’s notoriously fun nightclubs is basically a vacation requirement. Coco Bongo, Senor Frog’s, and The City are all known for fun dance floors, icy margaritas, and crowds of people looking to have a fun time. But, what to wear to Cancun’s nightclubs? Women should pack a floral wrap dress and open-toe black sandals — easy to salsa dance in, and super cute. Men must adhere to stricter Cancun nightclub dress codes. We suggest a vacation-ready gingham check button-down with a pair of navy blue dress pants and derby shoes (no shorts or open-toed shoes allowed for men in most Cancun clubs).

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