Experience old Los Angeles at the original Farmers Market

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Los Angeles Farmers Market

A historic gem in the center of Los Angeles, Farmers Market continues to be a popular tourist spot. But it’s a locals’ favorite, too. Few of the top tourist attractions in Los Angeles are also frequented by locals, but you can’t keep the locals away from this inherent part of the Angeleno life.

What began in 1934 as a traditional farmers market, where farmers from all over California came to sell produce from the back of their vehicles, has become a market filled with stalls carrying produce, cooked food, and treats of all kinds. The open-air market remains in its original spot from 80 years ago at the corner of Third and Fairfax. CBS Studio looms in the background, and the recently-built Grove shopping mall is right next door. But the real reason to visit is to see old Los Angeles, mostly unchanged by time (a rare treat).

LA Farmers Market

Considered the best grocery store in town, locals swarm here. Certain products can be found only here, such as fresh peanut butter at Magee’s House of Nuts and Bennett’s hand-made ice cream. Bakeries, candy stores and tea shops, along with the best butcher in town, sit side-by-side. Have lunch here (or breakfast, alongside Hollywood’s top writers and directors), and choose from a range of cuisine.

Children will particularly love visiting. In addition to watching toffee or ice cream being made, or peanut butter being mixed, they can then go to the toy store or visit the pet store. And, if you have a need for a new iPod or tech gadget, just take the free trolley to the Grove.

Farmers Market is just minutes from the hotels in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

-Lesley Bracker

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