Hilary Duff’s Makeup Artist Reveals Her Beauty Travel Tips

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From the time Maria Maio could walk, she was fascinated with her mother’s makeup drawer. Fast-forward to today, and Maria is one of the industry’s most sought-after makeup artist. Her client roster is filled with A-listers — from pop stars to supermodels. “I love Carnie Wilson,” she gushes. “I also enjoy working with Hilary Duff, whom I am currently with on-set.” Maria is responsible for Duff’s makeup for the new Darren Star show, Younger. “I also loved working with supermodel Paulina Poritzkova,” Maria says. “She is such a pro — and what a great honor to do her makeup!”

Maria splits her time between clients in Los Angeles and New York City, and all that in-flight mileage can easily cause havoc on the skin. As Maria warns, “There is nothing worse than being on a plane for hours! The recycled air causes skin dehydration. And once you exit the plane, you can realize you have a bad case of the uglies.”

Well, the team here at Oyster.com surely don’t want a case of the uglies! (Although, to be honest, we’d take one any day in exchange for an awesome getaway.) So we asked Maria for the inside dish on how travelers can combat the bad skin blues.

Check out her easy tips after the jump to guarantee you’ll have hydrated, glowing skin — even after a transatlantic flight >>

Maria Maio’s Four-Step Guide To Keeping Skin Hydrated

Step 1: Start with Sunday Riley’s Good Genes on clean skin before you board. ($105, Blush)

Step 2: Apply tinted moisturizer that allows your skin to breathe, while still giving your skin some fresh color. ($48, Blush)

Step 3: Throughout your flight, lightly mist your face with spring water spray so that it never get too dehydrated. ($12, Dermstore)

Step 4: Sip watermelon juice. It’s packed with antioxidants that not only slow skin-aging, but also removes excess oil from the skin. Plus, it’s tasty! ($5, Walmart and other grocery stores)

Keep up with Maria on Twitter (@mariamaio) or through her website.


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