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February was an eventful month for travel, to say the least. The world was introduced to Trump's travel ban, which was later rejected. Many Americans canceled their trips to Mexico out of fear, while other travelers shared insight about visiting Iran, one of the countries impacted by the ban. Valentine's Day came and went—and we shared the creme de la creme of couples-only all-inclusives in Mexico and the Caribbean, two destinations our readers seem to love. New York's beloved Waldorf Astoria announced it would shut its doors in March for an undetermined amount of time, and Yosemite's firefall phenomenon returned flooded our social media feeds. So whether you missed it the first time around or want to give your favorite pieces another read, here are our most popular stories this month.

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1. 6 Cold, Hard Truths About All-Inclusive Resorts: Know before you go—even the most luxurious all-inclusive resorts can come with hidden charges and road blocks to relaxation.

2. Best Couples-Only All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico: No kids (or families, friends, business travelers, or single folks allowed). 

3. The 15 Most Affordable European Destinations to Visit: You might expect a vacation to Europe to be expensive—and it could be—but there are plenty of ways to visit the continent on a budget. 

4. The 10 Best Cities for First-Time International Travelers: You’ll return home unscathed and armed with great memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Where to Travel in Mexico: A cheat sheet to the top destinations.

6. The Weirdest Things You’re Allowed to Bring on Planes: Falcons and Christmas trees? Sure, why not?

7. Travel Experts Share the Most Underrated Places to Go in 2017: Just remember you heard it here first.

8. The Best Hot Springs in the U.S.: Care for a dip? Check out these oases, from hippie havens in the woods to family-friendly lodges with pools large enough for swimming laps.

9. What It’s Like to Travel to Iran: Travelers who recently visited the destination give us an insider look at the politically and culturally complex country.

10. This Is Your Last Chance to Stay at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria Before It Closes Indefinitely: Say it isn’t so!

11. The Best Itinerary for Costa Rica: What to do, what to see, where to stay in a week, 10 days, and two weeks.

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