Lincoln Road in Miami Beach – vintage shopping at its best

Pedestrians stroll down Lincoln Road in Miami Beach

South Beach may be fashion central, but not every girl’s vacation budget has enough wiggle room left to purchase those designer fashions we all love. That’s why I’m stepping in to help all of my fellow fashionistas find truly impressive high-end looks for less than the price of a massage at the Delano. From flea market finds to vintage values to truly coveted consignments, here are three ways to score haute couture clothes and accessories at truly affordable prices:

Lincoln Road Antique & Collectible Market (GOOD) – Savvy shoppers who know that a cool vintage accessory makes any outfit shine will want to hit up this market on Sundays to scour the stalls for retro designer looks from Gucci, Pucci and YSL as well as Mid-Century furnishings that sly interior designers from New York and LA use to lend character to key projects. Always free and open to the public, the market centers on Lincoln Road Mall between Lenox and Michigan Avenues and takes place February 21, 28, March 14, 28, April 11, 25 and May 9 with the best goods selling just after the dealers unpack.

Fly Boutique (BETTER) – After an early morning of hunting and gathering cool clothes, costume jewelry and vintage eyewear at the Lincoln Road Outdoor Market, check out a few vintage shops along the mall to help sate your passion for bygone fashion. I like the cozy Fly Boutique where the owner artfully combines new and vintage designer pieces from Dior, Chanel and Missoni with her own custom designs. The result is an edgy, rock and roll style that embraces the recycled clothing trend and refines it with easy, wearable pieces that ultimately feel timeless. 650 Lincoln Road, South Beach

Consign of the Times (BEST) – One of the best kept secrets in haute couture clothing resale is just around the corner from the busy Van Dyke Cafe on Lincoln Road Mall. Dedicated label hounds can sniff through some outrageously newish designer cast-offs at Consign of the Times, a tiny storefront where girls who never wear things twice drop off their Pradas, Vuittons, and Birkins for super-trendy recycling. Be like Rachel Zoe and cuddle up to flawless Chanel suits, near perfect Louboutins, and barely broken-in Balenciagas and shout, “I Die!” 1635 Jefferson Avenue, South Beach

Let’s just agree to keep this our little secret…

Hotels near Lincoln Road Mall include the Albion, The Ritz-Carlton South Beach and Cadet Hotel.

– AdvisorGirl