Oyster Stats: Proof That New Yorkers Don’t Love The Earth — Or Each Other!

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In our Oyster Stats series, we’re sharing surprising tidbits on a range of topics using data we’ve accumulated from our hotel coverage and site traffic. Our goal is not to provide scientific data but to provide interesting directional insights about travel trends.

New Yorkers have a rep for not being the friendliest people around. After all, in a destination teeming with tourists, locals often turn up their noses at outsiders, and just a grunt in your general direction is considered a kind greeting. But as New Yorkers ourselves, we wanted legitimate proof that this stereotype is true -- and alas, it is. In fact, our research (not surprisingly) found that New Yorkers are not only considerably less friendly and romantically-inclined -- especially when compared to their laid-back, West Coast counterparts in California -- but also show much less love for the Earth than Californians. So here's the cold, hard truth -- and proof!

Finding: New Yorkers don't love the Earth

California has always been a leader in creating eco-friendly legislation and practicing green initiatives. But New York as a state has actually shown more love for the Earth than we’d expect. It has a surprisingly low carbon footprint, and though New York City’s air quality is pretty atrocious, commuters relying on public transportation save the Earth a lot of heartache. Nonetheless, New Yorkers seem to care a whole lot less about the Earth than Californians, according to our research. While Californians spent an average of 88.2 seconds per visit on our eco-friendly pages — such as a list of LEED-certified hotels and our slideshow of eco-friendly spots in Jamaica — New Yorkers spent a mere 11.46 seconds per visit. Go green, New York!

Finding: New Yorkers don’t love each other either

Well, at least Earth shouldn’t take it personally. It seems like New Yorkers don’t have much love for each other, either. With sunny weather year-round, fresh breezes off the coast, and an overall laid-back vibe, it comes as no surprise that Californians have more love, and are more often in the mood for some lovin’, than New York residents. While Californians spent an average of 91.11 seconds per visit on our romance-themed pages — such as 11 unique hotel features for lovers, hot hotel amenities, and rooms with sexy tubs for two — New Yorkers spent an average of 31.64 seconds per visit. We think that if New Yorkers would only get some love, they’d have more to share! So check out our romance-themed material, New Yorkers — it’ll do you some good.


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