Oyster Stats: Proof that the Swing States are Home to Swingers…And More!

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In our new series, Oyster Stats, we’re sharing surprising tidbits on a range of topics using data we’ve accumulated from our hotel coverage and site traffic. Our goal is not to provide scientific data but to provide interesting directional insights about travel trends.

The presidential debates have everyone all hot and bothered, and understandably so. As Election Day nears, voters are left questioning their parties and searching for proof that the person they plan on voting for will be the best suited for the job. Well, we here at Oyster.com can't guarantee that, but we have collected some interesting evidence that may have you looking at the election -- and particularly your fellow voters -- in a new light. Check out our findings below.

Finding: Swing state residents are swingers.

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It may come as a surprise to you that those who live in the most indecisive states are also the most likely to decide to dabble in a swing-tastic lifestyle — or it may not. After all, the more options, the better! In our research, we found that a significantly larger percentage of Oyster.com viewers residing in the swing states were checking out hotels on our site that encourage open relationships — such as Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos, Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya, and Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun — than viewers in the red and blue states. So okay fine, we understand that this may not mean that swing state residents are actually more likely to be swingers. But it at least means that they’re more likely to have it on their minds!

Finding: Republicans are closet nudists.

So swing state viewers may be more likely to, well, swing, but it’s the red states’ residents who are more likely to take their clothes off! (Again, or at least they’re more likely to think about it.) Despite the blue states’ rep of being less conservative, a larger percentage of red states’ viewers spent time on our nudity-related pages, such as this slideshow.

Finding: Red states love reefer.

Those red states are surprising us all over the place! Even though historically blue states — such as California and Hawaii — are often the first to endorse the medical use of marijuana, a larger percentage of red states’ residents checked out Oyster pages such as our guide to weed in Amsterdam and our post on Jamaican bud.


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