Could This CBD Pillow Cure Your Insomnia?

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SensorPEDIC CBD Pillow

Cannabidiol (CBD) is shown to help sleep—so what happens when you put it in a pillow? Could it be the cure for your sleepless nights?

We tested out SensorPEDIC’s new CBD pillow to find out. The innovative pillow is filled with a traditional hypoallergenic fiber, but the cover is infused with micro-encapsulated CBD. The micro-encapsulation design gradually releases CBD each time you use the pillow, activating a calming effect that can help you sleep.

At first glance, the SensorPEDIC feels like a normal pillow. It features a fun leaf-print design (that’s hidden under a pillowcase), and is comfortable, cradling your head without being too firm.

It doesn’t smell like CBD or otherwise offer any clue that CBD is inside. However, after using it for a few nights, we noticed that we were able to fall asleep significantly faster than when sleeping without the pillow—perhaps evidence that the CBD is working?

Don’t worry about waking up with a next day hangover—the pillow uses a lab-certified, zero THC (the chemical responsible for the high in marijuana) that’s made from hemp.

Whether due to the CBD or the pillow’s comfort, we can’t say, but the SensorPEDIC pillow definitely helped us fall asleep faster.

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