What is Sex Dust and Can it Make Your Romantic Trip Better?

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Sex Dust. You may have heard that Gwyneth Paltrow sprinkles it in her smoothie every morning, and seen the stimulating herbal supplement all over Instagram. The dust's cheeky name is definitely designed to raise eyebrows, but does is raise anything below the waist? Read on for our Moon Juice Sex Dust review, and find out it if can make your next romantic trip even sexier.

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What is Sex Dust?

Sex dust product

Before we explain exactly what Moon Juice Sex Dust is, we need to explain where it comes from. No surprises here, Sex Dust was born in the epicenter of wellness, youth, and sex: Los Angeles. Moon Juice first launched in 2011, in the beachy and trendy Pacific coast neighborhood of Venice Beach. Originally, Moon Juice sold fresh-pressed juices and nut milks to surfers who wanted fuel before they headed to the beach and the fashion crowd who wanted brightly colored juice props on their Instagram feeds. Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon realized there was a growing market of people who wanted to drink healthier, feel better, and share their wellness lifestyle on social media. Dusts were born.

Along with the incredibly popular Sex Dust, she also concocted Beauty Dust, Brain Dust, and Spirit Dust. These are well-designed jars of dust-like powder made with a mixture of Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs, natural extracts, and organic supplements meant to stimulate energy, boost mood, and make you feel good. Essentially, Dusts supercharge your food, juice, nut milks (sorry), and coffee. Sex Dust specifically is designed to stimulate your libido and provide sexual energy. Literally, you can sprinkle Sex Dust in and on anything edible to reduce stress, improve brain function, and amp up your sex life. Genius, right?

What Does Sex Dust Taste Like?

We’re not going to lie. Sex Dust does have a noticeable taste. It’s a bit like strong cinnamon or chai, with a slight medicinal herb aftertaste. In the jar, the dust resembles cocoa powder or packaged brownie mix, and it smells slightly sweet (likely from the added stevia). For our first dose of Sex Dust, we mixed the recommended teaspoon serving into a cup of hot coffee with almond milk. The dust dissolved quickly after a gentle stir—no clumps. Using this method, the taste was barely noticeable. Gwyneth Paltrow suggests mixing the Sex Dust into a smoothie. If your smoothie has strong flavors like peanut butter or coconut milk, you likely won’t taste the Sex Dust at all. Moon Juice recommends baking the Sex Dust into Sex Dust Bark — we have to admit that pairing Sex Dust with chocolate is a very clever and very sexy idea. After all, cacao is nature’s aphrodisiac.

What’s In Sex Dust?

Sex Dust ingredients

The ingredient list in Sex Dust is clearly labeled on the jar, and most of the ingredients are Chinese or Ayurvedic herbs, along with familiar additions like stevia (a plant-based sweetener) and cacao (read: chocolate). We broke down what the rest of the ingredients are, and what they supposedly do to your body. *Editor’s Note: Sex Dust, like all supplements and vitamins, are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Users should consult with their physician before using if pregnant.

  • Shatavari: A species of the asparagus plant that’s traditionally used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It promotes healthy hormonal balance.
  • Wildcrafted Shilajit: A nutrient dense substance from Asia. It’s quite rare, (i.e. expensive) and is often used as an aphrodisiac and to improve mood.
  • Organic Epimedium: The less exotic name for this herb is “horny goat weed,” if that gives you any indication of what it does—it turns you on and helps erectile disfunction in men.
  • Organic Schisandra: A deciduous woody vine known to reduce stress and increase blood flow.
  • Organic Cacao: The primary ingredient in chocolate, it stimulates endorphin release — i.e. it makes you happy.
  • Organic Maca: Also known as Peruvian ginseng, it increase sex drive and provides an energy boost.

How Do You Eat Sex Dust?

Moon Juice Sex Dust

The beauty of a dust supplement (as opposed to a pill or powder) is that it’s ground very fine so it’s easy to eat or drink. Sex Dust is available in sachets for easy travel, or in a small jar (which, frankly, is also easy to travel with and at 1.5 ounces, you can carry it on a flight — though you might get a few giggles from TSA agents if they look closely at the package). Just measure out a teaspoon of dust and stir it into a beverage or sprinkle it in your oatmeal or cereal. Chocolate also makes an excellent Sex Dust pairing.

Does Sex Dust Work?

After a week of drinking (and eating) Sex Dust, we can confidently say that Sex Dust does work. But! It’s not Viagra. Think of it more as an energy booster and mild stimulant, whether you’re in the bedroom or not. We didn’t feel overwhelming feelings of lust (or an inappropriate desire to click on any NSFW websites during office hours) but within 15 minutes of consuming Sex Dust we did have a noticeable increase in energy. It’s definitely worth adding Sex Dust to your daily routine for an added boost. And, if you’re taking a romantic trip or honeymoon, it’s a whole lot of fun to experiment with your partner.

Where Can I Buy Sex Dust?

Sex Dust is available in Moon Juice’s online store and in brick-and-mortar shops.

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