Thai army seizes power, but promises to protect vacationers

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The Thai military announced on Thursday that it has taken over the government in a coup — but those with travel plans to Thailand don’t necessarily have to scuttle them. The military chief said it should be business as usual for the public , and the military promised to provide security for foreign vacationers, CNN reports. So if you sunk thousands of dollars into plane tickets and hotel rooms, don’t panic just yet. Past protests and conflict have primarily taken place in Bangkok, so those heading to the beaches may be able to steer clear of problems — though partiers may not appreciate the 10 p.m. curfew the military has imposed. We’re sure there will be more news about this in the days to come, and those planning to visit the country this year should keep an eye on travel alerts from the U.S. state department.

Photo credit: Darren Johnson/Flickr

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