The Faces of Hospitality: Five very creepy pieces of hotel art

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If nothing else, some of the quirkiest, most striking artwork we’ve seen so far – whether it’s a piece hand-picked to complement a lobby’s trendster vibe or a photo boldly displayed above a fluffy bed to lend a bit of wacky-coolness to a guestroom – adds personality. But, uh, we’d advise hotels to air on the side of caution when it comes to maxing out the quirk factor. Delightful and whimsical can easily become “creepy” and “hilarious” when real people have to sleep in close proximity to some of this stuff.

Observe. Today’s theme: faces.

The Hotel: The Mondrian, South Beach
Found In: Bay View Studio Room

Way to keep it classy, GPH.

The Hotel: Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City
Found In: The hallway

Actually, we really dig this guy’s style.

The Hotel: The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Found In: Guest Room

This would be very cool — if this dude didn’t look so much like Chucky.

The Hotel: The Ace Hotel, New York
Found In: The Loft

First of all: Congo! Second: wow.

The Hotel: Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas
Found In: Hollywood Hip Room

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