The hotel love nests of Tiger Woods and other cheating celebs

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The MGM Grand Hotel, where Tiger allegedly took Jamie Grubbs back to his suite
The MGM Grand Hotel, where Tiger allegedly took Jamie Grubbs back to his suite

The hotel industry has played a major part in the many torrid affairs of Tiger Woods: the disgraced golfer shacked up with his alleged mistresses at a number of hotels around the world. (Two of the women even work in the hospitality industry: Jaimee Grubbs, a cocktail waitress at The Stone Rose Lounge in the Sofitel Los Angeles, and Kalika Moquin, a marketing manager for The Bank nightclub at the Bellagio.) Although many of the hotels of Tiger’s affairs remain unidentified, Grubbs claims Woods took her back to his suite at the MGM Grand after they first met at a Las Vegas nightclub in 2007.

Of course, Tiger is hardly the first celebrity to get caught cheating at a hotel. Below the jump, check out our list of hotels where other celebrity sex scandals went down.

Renaissance Mayflower Hotel
Price: $232/night
Location: Downtown, Washington, D.C.

Eliot Spitzer’s infamous, resignation-inducing hook-up in Room 871 with escort Ashley Dupre earned the Mayflower instant notoriety. The former governor used the Emperor’s Club VIP escort service (rumored to have other high-profile clients, such as the Duke of Westminster) and paid Dupre $4,300 in cash for her services.

Four Seasons New York
Price: $861/night
Location: Midtown East, New York City

Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez has reportedly entertained high-class prostitutes at this swanky establishment — ladies supplied to him by none other than former New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s madame of choice, Kristin Davis. (Click here for Oyster’s list of New York Hotels of Famous Affairs.)

The Beverly Hilton
Price: $302/night
Location: Beverly Hills/Bel Air, Los Angeles

John Edwards may have first met mistress Rielle Hunter at the Loews Regency in New York, but it was after his visit with her and their alleged love child at the Beverly Hilton that his campaign-ruining affair became public. TheNational Enquirer’s article about the rendezvous prompted Edwards’ confession of infidelity in August 2008. According to the Enquirer, Edwards stayed with Rielle at the Hilton until 2:40 a.m. (a friend of Rielle’s babysat her child in a separate room); Edwards later told ABC news he met her because he “wanted her not to tell the public what happened. Very Simple. That’s the reason I went.”

The Jefferson
Price: $340/night
Location: Downtown, Washington, D.C.

This elite D.C. boutique is themed after a founding father with an ignominious sex life of his own, so it’s only fitting that it was the scene of a salacious modern-day political sex scandal. Call girl Sherry Rowlands told Star Magazine that she regularly met with Clinton strategist Dick Morris at his Jefferson suite, where he is said to have sucked her toes and let her listen in on phone calls with President Clinton. (We’re assuming not at the same time, but who knows?)

Gramercy Park Hotel
Price: $513/night
Location: Gramercy and Murray Hill, New York City

What do you get when you mix celebrities and alcohol? Ill-advised hookups. And there’s no hotter spot for celebrities and booze to mix than the Gramercy Park Hotel. Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olson were seen canoodling at this hotel’s Rose Bar; Lindsay Lohan spent the night at the hotel with her now ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson; and Jennifer Aniston and ex-husband Brad Pitt were rumored to have met here in June 2009 for an intimate 1 a.m. rendezvous on the 18th-floor Roof Club. (A spokesperson for the hotel denied it — but then again, staff at the hotel are forced to sign confidentiality agreements.)

Soho Grand Hotel
Price: $324/night
Location: SoHo and TriBeCa, New York City

Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz and singer Ashlee Simpson may be married now, but a drunken outburst by Ashlee revealed that the pairing didn’t start quite so innocently. Simpson reportedly screamed at Pete’s confused ex Michelle Trachtenberg, “I hope you know, the whole time you were dating Pete, I was [bleep]ing him!” And where did this illicit bleeping begin? At none other than the Soho Grand Hotel, hubby Pete said on the Howard Stern Show. “It was at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City, and I’m looking in the mirrors, thinking, ‘Oh my God, you are sleeping with the girl of your dreams, and you can watch yourself!'” he said. Hotel taste must run in the family: Ashlee’s big sis, Jessica, spent some quality time at the Soho Grand with John Mayer in August 2006, according to

Chateau Marmont
Price: $471/night
Location: Hollywood/West Hollywood, Los Angeles

This celeb favorite has witnessed all kinds of illicit behavior (which you can read about on our Hollywood History list), including Jessica Simpson’s hook ups with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine – which started while she was still married to Nick Lachey, according to US Weekly.

The Carlyle, A Rosewood Hotel
Price: $375/night
Location: Upper East Side, New York City

For celebrity lovers trying to avoid being plastered all over the tabloids, the Carlyle might be their best bet. Its expert discretion — photos aren’t even allowed in the restaurants when there are people present — has earned the historic hotel its status as a vault to some of the city’s biggest secrets. Even JFK and Marilyn Monroe reportedly trusted their affair to the Carlyle. And unlike other couples on this list, their notorious rendezvous was never conclusively proven.

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