This Hawaiian Hotel Makeover Will SHOCK You

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We can't believe this is the same hotel! The Hotel Wailea in Maui underwent a $15 million renovation this year, and we're blown away by the results. We've seen a lot of renovations in our day, and oftentimes the hotels don't really change all THAT much -- they try to pass off some soft upgrades (new accent pillows, a lick of paint) as a major overhaul. Not the case with The Hotel Wailea. Get a load of these incredible before and after pics! 

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BEFORE: The Ocean View Suite

This room used to look like your grandma’s bland Florida condo.

AFTER: The Ocean View Suite

 Now it’s a sleek, stylish retreat worthy of the luxury price tag. 

BEFORE: The Pool

The pool used to be a simple lima-bean shape — commonly found at budget hotels. The loungers were of the cheap, white plastic variety. 

AFTER: The Pool

Not only is the pool bigger and sleeker, a new hot tub was added, and the patio furniture got a serious upgrade. 

BEFORE: The Partial Ocean View Suite

The busy, motel-quality bedding from before the renovation was a serious eyesore. 

AFTER: The Partial Ocean View Suite

Ahhh, that’s better. 

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