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Photo courtesy of Flickr/Craig Sunter

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Craig Sunter

Looking for some travel hack inspiration for 2017? YouTube's got you covered. From packing perfectly to scoring free upgrades, these travel hack videos will entertain, inform, and ensure you're getting the most our of your hard-earned vacation time.

How to Get Cheap Flights

There are tons of great clips across YouTube on how to fly on a budget, and Hey Nadine’s video on how to get cheap flights is one of the most thorough. She starts by going through the basics (remember, flexibility is key) before listing off a few of her favorite flight comparison engines. She then goes on to give detailed tips on all sorts of flight shopping-related topics, including when to fly, how to rack up frequent flier miles, and what extra hidden charges to look out for.

How To Pack Over 100 Items Into a Carry On

Although this video on how to pack a ton of stuff into a tiny bag was created as an advertisement for Biaggi Luggage, it’s arguably one of the most useful how-to packing videos, irrespective of what suitcase brand you have at home. She goes over all the basics (roll instead of fold, use Ziploc bags to compress, to name a few) and then executes the whole thing in a sped-up sequence that lasts under two minutes. Viewers are left with an incredibly satisfying view of a carry-on packed to the brim with over 100 items, including shoes!

How to Fly Business Class Cheap

Although it’s certainly not the most engaging travel hack video out there, Making it Happen Vlog’s video on how to fly business class cheap video is certainly informative. The narrator offers a number of strategies on how to get into the coveted business class for less, including buying mileage points, flying from cheap airports, using error fares, and getting yourself into positions of favor with loyalty programs. He then breaks down each strategy into more manageable steps, offering a few website suggestions and other resources along the way.

How to Score the Best Hotel Deals

Hotel rooms can take a big chunk out of a lot of people’s travel budgets, but not everyone wants to camp in a park or stay in a hostel. In her video on how to score the best hotel deals, travel vlogger Sonia Gil starts out with a run-through of her favorite hotel review sites where she goes to get ideas about what others are saying about properties in her destination of choice. She also suggests some of the better comparison engines out there before reminding viewers what to look out for (such as hidden fees and taxes).

How to Get Into an Airport Lounge

Our last video pick comes from Nick Trend, Consumer Editor at The Telegraph in the U.K. In this short video, he gives pointers on how to get into executive airport lounges while you’re still flying coach. His tips range from practical (trading in frequent flier points for club access passes) to borderline cheeky (hanging out in front of lounges and trying to convince friendly business- and first-class passengers to let you catch a ride in on their coattails. Of course, if all else fails, you can usually just buy your way in, too.

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