Travel Photography Tips: How to clean a Nikon D700

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Though we're certain you don't need to be reminded, photography is a major part of what we do at Oyster. Each of our reporters has gone through extensive photography training; they’ve taken each and every photo (100K+) you've seen on the site.

As the photo editor here at Oyster, my team and I have taught the reporters everything they know -- and we've sifted through hundreds of thousands of photos to get to the ones you see on the site. Our new Travel Photography Tips series will share some of what we’ve learned along the way.

In the video above, I kick things off by explaining how to clean your Nikon D700 to ensure that your post-trip buzz isn't killed by photos with unsightly lens smudges or dirt. (Note: these tips apply to almost any digital SLR -- not just Nikons!)

Some cleaning products the Oyster team recommends:

And some key camera maintenance points to always remember:

  • Clean the face of the lens with a clean dry cloth. If there are greasy smudges on it only, then use a moist cloth
  • When taking the lens off the camera body, make sure to put both front and back covers on
  • When changing lenses, dust can accumulate on the sensor. You can remove dust by locking up the camera mirror and blowing it off with a blower. Never touch the sensor, as it can cause permanent damage to the camera. Make sure the blower is at least 3 inches away from the lens
  • A lens filter should be placed on a lens as soon as it comes out of the box to avoid getting dust or smudges on the inside. Once on, it's wise to not take it off, as it may make the dust situation even worse.
  • Not all lens cleaner wipes are created equal. Use high-quality products; when they are dirty, replace them
  • Set the camera to clean the sensor when turning the camera on and off

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