Try these on for size: Fashion Week hotels to suit your style

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The Crosby Street Hotel has whimsical, English-influenced style.
The whimsical design at the Crosby Street Hotel is a good fit for celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, who checked in this week.

When New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow (it runs through February 14th), the city will be teeming with fashionistas from around the globe. Not that it isn’t already, of course, but even more models, designers, and socialites will be packing the streets, restaurants, and front-row seats of New York City. If you’re a part of the fashionable set, or want to be, we’ve picked the perfect hotels to suit your style — whether you’re trying to book a last-minute reservation (no guarantees!) or want to rub elbows with like-minded fashionistas at the hotel bar.

Where to go if you wear…

  • Eclectic boutique finds: If your closet is full of funky, colorful, one-of-a-kind finds, you’ll likely dig the Crosby Street Hotel’s whimsical English style. This U.K. import opened in October 2009, and its decor is sophisticated yet comfortable — a balance that has eluded too many of the monochrome, glass-walled design hotels that have sprouted in the vicinity. Celebrity fashion stylist Rachel Zoe has stayed at this SoHo boutique for Fashion Weeks past, and celebs such as Hugh Jackman have been spotted at the Crosby as well.

Upper East socialites convene at The Plaza's Oak Room.

Upper East socialites convene at The Plaza’s Oak Room.

  • Pearls and cardigans: If Lilly Pulitzer is your fashion icon, head to the Plaza; the century-old Oak Room restaurant is a haven for Upper East Side socialites. Expect to see diners flitting between tables to chat, pink cardigans tied around shoulders, and golf ball-sized diamond rings. During her visit, our reporter also spotted Fern Mallis, who is recognized as the creator of Fashion Week.
  • Leather jackets and a mod bob: Your mod, edgy style stands out from the crowd, and when you go out, everyone knows who you are. Like you, The Standard, East Village needs no introduction: The controversial 21-story glass edifice towers over the surrounding humble East Village tenements (although the area is becoming more chichi everyday), and there’s no sign out front (that we could see, anyway). Modern B&B Italia and Eames furniture, plenty of books, and floor-to-ceiling windows combine to create a contemporary, relaxed space.

The vintage leather and velvet furniture at the Bowery Hotel suits guests with boho-chic styles.

The vintage leather and velvet furniture at the Bowery Hotel suits guests with boho-chic styles.

  • Chiffon skirts and wood-heeled boots: If your style is boho-chic cool, hit up the Bowery Hotel. The lobby is full of shabby-chic vintage leather and velvet furniture, and boho-chic trendsetters Ashley Olsen, Blake Lively, and Rachel Bilson have all been spotted here. And if Fashion Week’s looks prove that boho-chic is out? Well, isn’t part of the boho attitude that you just don’t care?
  • Animal prints and glam jewelry: If you’re channeling a glam 1960’s look, you’ll feel at home at the Empire Hotel. Outfitted with zebra- and leopard-print seating, heavy brown curtains and modern chandeliers, the lobby looks like a classed-up pad for liberated jazzbos. But during Fashion Week, you should expect to see models here, not musicians: The hotel is conveniently located across the street from Lincoln Center, where Fashion Week is held.


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