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Got a question? Get crackin' on that keyboard.
Got a question? Get crackin' on that keyboard.

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Say, wouldn’t it be cool to have a friend that knows lots of things about hotels? A pal who has a whole collection of key cards from dozens and dozens of properties, a buddy who can rattle off the best and worst places to stay in Aruba, Jamaica, and (eventually) some of the other places the Beach Boys wanted to “take ya'”? You have one. That friend is Oyster.

While we wouldn’t typically open ourselves up with the old “ask us anything” line that we’ve all heard on bad first dates, we’re willing to offer our advice, opinions and insight on hotels, destinations and travel. All you have to do is ask.

Once you send your questions over to tips@oyster.com, we’ll select a few to answer and post ’em up as part of our recurring Ask Oyster feature.

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