We Souped Up Our iPad App — and It’s Pretty Awesome

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We already told you guys about our incredible new iPad app — you know, the one with interactive maps, tons of destinations, and collections with vacation ideas ripe for picking. But with the launch of Apple’s latest iPad — which already sold over 3 million units in its first weekend on shelves — we had to quickly make some improvements to make our app iPad3-ready. Curious how we souped it up in time for the iPad3’s release? A lot of coffee, nail biting, and well, tons of work. Check out the improvements we made after the jump!

Update: Our latest version was so impressive that the App Store asked to feature it — which we did. The best part? Having a “featured” app can increase our site’s organic traffic by three or four times as much!

1. Increased Photo Resolution: By literally quadrupling the pixels in our imagery, pictures are sharper and crisper than they ever were before — to the point of being able to zoom in on liquor labels (and knowing your hotel carries only top shelf) as well as closing in on a grimy shower head that may make you think twice about booking that value resort. Bonus? Our new graphics and logo are pretty bad-ass, too.

2. Since we released the first version six weeks ago, we’ve added a whopping 304 hotels on over three continents, including many in Florence, Italy and Sydney, Australia. We die for this view from Florence — don’t you?!?

3. We added our famous Photo Fakeouts — browse through ’em to learn more about the so-called “Sexy Lady Phenomenom” marketers are known to sell travelers on.

4. Another awesome addition? Our Oyster Half-Dozen videos, in which our editors take you through their personal faves, and the rest of our slideshows to enhance your planning experience. There’s nothing like the Hotel Tell-All telling it like it is, right?

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