Where to eat at the Westfield Shopping Centre: San Francisco mall dining at its best

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Several restaurants at the Westfield San Francisco Centre take a gourmet approach to fast food.

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A mall food court doesn’t usually inspire great cuisine. Wipe those visions of greasy Chinese food, cardboard pizza, and mediocre ice cream out of your mind. If you’re shopping at Westfield San Francisco Centre (865 Market Street), near Union Square’s Hotel Nikko or Kensigton Park Hotel, try out some local fast food that’s kid-friendly and gourmet to boot.

Out the Door: This Vietnamese restaurant is brought to you by famed chef Charles Phan of the Slanted Door. Sit down or get take-out — including wine and beer — and enjoy shaking beef or chicken claypot with ginger and cilantro.

San Francisco Soup Company: Started by a San Francisco mom (and still family-owned), this soup shop makes its soups from scratch. Plus, the company composts and uses biodegradable and recyclable packaging, so you can eat guilt-free.

Beard Papa: For dessert, try one of these famous cream puffs. The Japanese style desserts are oozing with luscious chocolate or vanilla custard cream — filled on the spot for you.

–Debbie Abrams Kaplan of Frisco Kids and Kaplan Ink

[Photo courtesy of Flickr: Christopher Chan]

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