Where to see live music on West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip

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A live performance at The Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA

The Sunset Strip in Los Angeles is famous for its live music and long club lines, all within steps of each other. The Whiskey and The Roxy are just one block apart, and The Viper Room is practically across the street. Add a drink or dinner at The Rainbow and you can have a rock and roll night.

Whiskey a Go Go (8901 West Sunset Boulevard): The Whiskey a Go Go was founded in 1964, and is famous for launching The Doors, its house band at the time. Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin played here, many British bands who headlined in L.A. for the first time started here, and the club was important during the punk movement, with The Ramones playing often. In the eighties, The Whiskey gave birth to the band Guns and Roses. When the Grunge scene took hold, Nirvana and Soundgarden were both regular headliners. The Whiskey continues to be the place for bands to make their start. You never know what the next big music scene will be, but you can bet they’ll play the Whiskey at the outset of their career.

The Viper Room (8852 West Sunset Boulevard): The Viper Room has had a lot of press, sometimes for the wrong reasons. Once owned by Johnny Depp, The Viper Room is well known, but surprisingly small. It books up-and-coming bands of all genres, many with big followings. Of all the clubs on the Strip, it’s the most intimate, and a great place to start or end your night.

The Roxy (9009 West Sunset Boulevard): The Roxy is the most diverse of the Sunset Strip clubs — sometimes you can catch a stage production, sometiems a performance art piece, and sometimes a comedy show. It’s also a place for many charity events, often with celebrity hosts and top bands. Grab a seat in a booth, have a bite to eat, and have a great night out — the Roxy is where you’ll most likely hear a band you’ve heard before.

The London West Hollywood hotel is located steps from all these clubs, and The Standard Hollywood and Andaz West Hollywood hotels are also along the Strip. Also, be sure to visit the House of Blues, which is just down the street.

– Lesley Bracker

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