Why Traveling with Your Partner Improves Your Relationship

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Regardless of what stage your relationship is in, there is often no better way to discover more about your partner than going away on a trip together. As well as relaxing and having fun, you'll make memories together and end up learning even more about each other. Whether you're planning a trip away with a new partner or you've been together for ages, here are five ways that traveling with your partner will improve your relationship.

1.You're guaranteed to learn more about each other.

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Even if you’re living together or have known one another for years, there really is no substitute for spending entire days in each other’s company. You can’t help but learn more about your partner, from their likes and dislikes down to how they handle a problem. Spending so much time together can be great — you’ll discover so much about your partner’s little quirks and you’re sure to have a lot of fun together. On the other hand, you might suddenly find out that your spouse is a overly stringent about time, and insists on arriving half an hour early for everything, or perhaps you’ve so far managed to conceal that you become silent and grumpy if you’re denied food for longer than an hour. Either way, you’re going to learn far more about each other than what is possible from a few dinner dates or weekends together, and that’s got to be a good thing…right?!

2. Every decision will (or should) be made together.

Going on holiday together also leads to huge amounts of decision-making that will affect both of you. Aside from deciding where to actually go on holiday, you and your partner will also have to work out some sort of budget, how long you want to go for, and what sort of accommodation will suit you — all before you even arrive. Once you go on your trip, you’ll also need to decide where to eat, what activities you want to get involved in, and even what sort of transport will be best. Many couples are lucky in that they share similar interests, however there are still going to be plenty of days when you have different plans and need to come to some sort of compromise. Nevertheless, planning together can also make you feel more in tune with each other, which is always a bonus for any relationship.

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3. You'll learn to communicate even better.

Another bonus of traveling together is you’ll have plenty of opportunities to chat more and learn how to communicate with each other on a deeper level. As well as learning more about one another through sharing stories, you will also begin to recognize how your partner is feeling without them even having to say anything. You’re sure to end up intrinsically aware of your partner’s body language, expressions, and manners, which will allow you to become more in tune with each other and will make your time together even more enjoyable.

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4. You'll have better sex.

We’ve already been given the lowdown on why hotel sex is better. Holidays provide a welcome escape from everyday life, which allows your to relax and forget about the stresses of day-to-day living. Quite often, having a holiday break can make you feel more adventurous and less concerned about your inhibitions, which can make sex so much more exciting. Spending so much time with your partner is sure to get you both feeling frisky before you even get back to your room. Adding to that, many rooms simply exude luxury, which is a sure way to create an intimate setting for you both to take advantage of.

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5. You can give each other the time you deserve.

Ultimately, traveling with your partner should be a fun and rewarding experience. You’re sure to have some amazing experiences that you won’t forget, and the person who was right there with you will feature in your memories and photos from the trip, too. You’re almost guaranteed to develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of your partner, which in turn will strengthen your relationship. If you can constantly spend time together in a foreign destination without any major mishaps, then you’ve surely got something special.  

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