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Townhouse Hotel in South Beach, Miami
Townhouse Hotel in South Beach, Miami

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We all know that vacations should be times of rest, but what happens when a few too many Fruity Screaming Fuzzy Navels (try to say that 5 times fast…or 3 drinks in) start making your swimsuit fit a little too snuggly? If you’re frequenting a 5-star, then not to worry; most high-end hotels boast fitness centers comparable to that of the super posh Equinox Fitness or Sports Club LA. You can trot away those extra inches in air-conditioned ecstasy and personal-TV bliss.

But when your “gym” is limited to stationary bikes at the end of hallways

Then it’s time to get a little bit more creative.

Enter our good friends at – a super fab distribution, hosting, and advertising platform for independently produced Web shows who just recently entered into a distribution partnership with the likes of YouTube and others (congrats guys!).

A quick search of their site brought us promptly to this series of nifty how-to videos, demonstrating a complete in-room cardio workout by hunky Jeff Kunard. Let’s face it – just the sight of him lifting weighted suitcases over the hotel room coffee-table may qualify as a cardio workout in itself.

But, if cardio ain’t your thing (or men, if you’d prefer your own eye candy), you can treat yourself to an in-room yoga session hosted by the lovely Tara Stiles.

Moral of the story is, a lack of 5-star amenities is no excuse for skipping fitness while on the road. So bench it like Kunard, bend it like Stiles, and bring on the mojitos!

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