You’ve Gotta Be Seen to Be Heard: Oyster Hotel Reviews introduces Facebook Connect

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Ah, the sweet veil of anonymity: the freedom to say what you want with no particularly dreadful repercussions. Angry at your concierge ex-boyfriend? Anonymously trash his hotel on the Internet! Want to take down a hotel that competes with your property? Write about the non-existent roaches in an online forum! Need your hotel to climb the web rankings? Create a whole bunch of user accounts to send around beautiful, glowing reviews! The possibilities are endless.

That’s not happening around here.

Here at Oyster, we pride ourselves on providing objective, honest and professional reviews — but we recognize that you may not agree with everything we say, and we understand that variables like staffing, amenity availability, time of year, and general day-to-day operational factors all come together to build an experience; changes in any of these elements may mean that your stay at a particular hotel was wildly different from ours — so speak up.

Whether you agree with our assessments or disagree with us, we want to hear from you — but we want to see your face, too.

To ensure all user comments are consistent with Oyster’s standard of providing high-quality, authentic information, we require all commenters to log in through Facebook Connect to submit feedback. The way we see it, if you’re willing to attach your identity to your commentary, you’re willing to stand behind what you say. For examples of user comments submitted via our Facebook Connect feature, check out what folks have been saying about Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic and W New York Times Square.

We’re building a community of sincere and credible hotel evaluations drawn from the experiences of our own hotel experts and from you. No anonymous mudslinging; no PR propaganda.

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