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Best Hotels for In-Room Internet in the Dominican Republic

A reliable Internet connection is very hard to find in the D.R. At most resorts, the best you can hope for is a spotty Wi-Fi signal in the lobby or in a dated computer room — both of which are going to cost you. But if you need to stay connected at a beachfront resort, these are the few hotels that have reliable in-room Internet connections. How do we know it’s reliable? We’ve tested over 100 hotels throughout the D.R.

Best Hotel Service in the Dominican Republic

A surly, unhelpful staff can completely undo stunning grounds, immaculate rooms, and breathtaking views. On the other hand, attentive staffers can brighten even the humblest hotel. After visiting more than 100 hotels throughout the D.R., here is our list of hotels that offer the best concierges, room service, freebies, and thoughtful features that will make…

Best Hotel Restaurants in the Dominican Republic

We’ve stayed — and dined — at the D.R.’s best hotels, so great food is the No. 1 priority for making it onto this list. But in addition to fresh ingredients and well-executed entrees, we also give due credit to exceptional service and unique, elegant settings.

Best Hotel Rooms in the Dominican Republic

We’ve slept in more than 100 beds all around the D.R., from designer boutiques to party-hardy crash pads. But these rooms — with excellent beds, incredible views, posh bathrooms, and great design — are our absolute favorites!

Best All-Inclusive Hotel Cuisine in the Dominican Republic

Food and drink is unlimited and included in your reservation at an all-inclusive resort. But at many all-inclusives in the Dominican Republic, mass-produced grub ranges from illness-inducing to merely passable. Here’s a list of the stellar exceptions that prize both quality and quantity. There’s enough variety at these buffets to keep things from getting monotonous,…

Best Hotel Service in Jamaica

Being that Jamaica is one of the friendliest, most service-oriented islands in the Caribbean, you’re likely to find a pleasant, consistently helpful staff at just about any hotel. But for a hotel to make it onto this list, the service must be truly exceptional — brilliant concierges, prompt room service, welcome freebies, and thoughtful gestures…

Best Hotel Rooms in Jamaica

After sleeping at 40 hotels (and counting) across the island of Jamaica, we can confidently say that these are the most comfortable, most beautiful, most distinctly relaxing rooms in the country.

Cleanest Hotels in Jamaica

On a tropical island, keeping a hotel clean is quite a challenge. A few mosquitoes or even roaches here and there are unavoidable — even at the poshest of places. But the following is a list of dazzling hotels — no dust, strewn hairs, slight stains, or discarded glasses at the beach. But don’t just…

Best Hotel Restaurants in Jamaica

From fusion to authentic, locally-grown Jamaican fare, these hotels all showcase exceptional cuisine. Great food is priory-one to make this list, but we also give due attention to the unique settings and stellar service. Also, its worth noting that virtually every hotel in Jamaica offers all-inclusive dining packages — this means that you can order…

Best All-Inclusive Hotel Cuisine in Jamaica

An all-inclusive resort means every guest gets unlimited food and alcohol for a single base price. Every all-inclusive has buffets, and most sport a la carte restaurants as well, which offer small selections of pre-made (and reheated) food in a full-service setting. Made in massive quantities, both the ingredients and their preparation often suffer. But…