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The Most Underrated Places to Go in 2018

Browse most travel-focused Instagram feeds or peruse popular where-to-travel lists, and you’ll likely be presented with the usual suspects: Paris, Iceland, New York City, and the like. And while we love these major metropolises and countries, we’re also interested in the underdogs — the mainly undiscovered destinations that offer plenty of cultural appeal without the…

The Best Girlfriend Getaways in Europe

An annual girls getaway is a tradition many women look forward to. Whether you’re traveling with your best friends, mom, or second cousin once removed, sharing a special travel experience is something you’ll always remember. To help you start planning, we’ve rounded up eight awesome girlfriend getaways across Europe. Each one appeals to different interests,…

10 Places in Europe Still (Mostly) Undiscovered by Tourists

France, Spain, and Italy have long taken the limelight when it comes to popular travel destinations in Europe, but some of the continent’s most rewarding and best-kept secrets are set off-the-beaten path. From the Balkans to the Baltic Sea, here are our picks for the 10 best (mostly) undiscovered places in Europe.