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Beach Central, Galveston Travel Guide

Beach Central Summary


  • Directly on the beach with warm waters
  • Great seafood along the seawall
  • Sea breezes make the hot summer weather more manageable
  • Many budget-friendly hotel options
  • The seawall is a nice spot for strolling and biking


  • Beaches aren't particularly attractive
  • Hurricanes in late summer and during the fall are a serious concern
  • Long walk to the Historic Strand District
  • Few luxury hotel options

What It's Like

Beach Central, a tiny section along the seawall running from 20th to 25th street, is aptly named, as it is a central and popular spot along the sand. The beaches aren't the most beautiful in the country (the sand isn't white and the waters can be a bit cloudy) but the waters are warm, and the seawall, built after the 1900 hurricane, is a nice place for strolling and biking while enjoying the views.

As can be expected, Beach Central is the most susceptible spot in Galveston to hurricanes. During hurricane season, the waves can get large and rough; it may be a surfer's paradise, but it can be dangerous for swimmers. However, during most summer days the waters are relatively calm and tons of tourists flock to the beaches. There are several restaurants in the area, as well as a shopping mall, but the quaint Strand Historic District is a long, 25-minute walk away.

Where to Stay

Good news: Finding a beachside, budget-friendly hotel is an easy feat. The closer it is to the seawall, (oftentimes) the more expensive it is, but no hotel in the area is unreasonably priced.

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