Guadeloupe, a French overseas territory in the Caribbean, is a gorgeous pick for an island getaway. The beaches are stunning, there’s a national park named a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, and activities both on and off-land are available. For travelers heading to Guadeloupe wanting to simplify their vacation by staying at the property most (or all) of the time and eating at the on-site restaurants, all-inclusive resorts are a great option. Here’s a list of our favorite all-inclusive resorts in Guadeloupe!

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Club Med La Caravelle

Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

With around 300 rooms and 47 acres of a beach-lined peninsula to itself, this mid-range, all-inclusive resort tries to ensure that guests never have any reason to leave, filling their hours with multiple food options, more non-beach activities than one person could accomplish in a 10-day vacation, and, thanks to the kids' club, no excuse to use the kids as an excuse for not having fun. All this comes with a price, of course, including the fact that the large crowds at the beach and hotel mean less privacy all around. Rooms are small, and show some small signs of age.


Le Manganao Hotel & Residences

The mid-range, 241-room Le Manganao Hotel & Residences is one of the most affordable beachfront hotels on Guadeloupe's tourist-friendly southern shore. It's extremely family-friendly, and the seasonal kids' club and ample activities are geared toward children under 13. Most guests will spend their time on the small but essentially private beach rather than in the small and somewhat basic rooms, which lack privacy. The Creole-style buffet serves all three meals, and all-inclusive rates are on offer.