W Hong Kong 5.0

Kowloon, Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong is known for its luxurious, over-the-top hotels. Here, we've selected our favorite luxe suites for you to dream about when planning your visit to this breathtaking city. In many ways, this W feels like all others; it features funky decor that the W brand is known for -- bizarre sculptures, pop art wall murals, and bright, colored lighting -- as well as a Bliss spa and a Living Room bar, with a DJ at night. But this W feels a bit more special, and luxurious, than some you might find in the U.S. The Bliss spa is absolutely gorgeous, with beautiful teak tubs and soft lighting, and the stunning rooftop infinity pool on the 76th floor offers poolside service and dizzying views. The Extreme WOW Suite will blow all of your expectations out of the water, too.

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