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Hawaii Photo Fakeout: A hotel gym that really looks like your parents' basement

We've previously shown you photos of people suspiciously smiling in gyms that are anything but smile-worthy. First there were the overly happy ladies at Jamaica's Runaway Bay Heart Hotel; then there was this deceptive backdrop at the Holiday Inn Resort (also in Jamaica), and finally there was this doofy guy at Hotel Nash in Miami.

Today, sadly, we'll continue documenting misleading hotel gym marketing photos. We turn, now, to the Aston Waikiki Joy Hotel in Hawaii. The photo on the left is from the hotel's website. We shot the one on the right.

Yes, the treadmill and stationary bike are in both photos, as are the glass doors. But what the Aston's marketing photo doesn't show is that you'll be working out in your parents' basement circa 1988. You know the drill: a few chairs from the old living room set, the lamp that was in your sister's dorm room, dad's unused barbells on the floor. (There's also an out-of-place coffee table complete with a Bose alarm clock radio.)

Update: Since we published this Photo Fakeout, the Aston Waikiki Joy Hotel has changed ownership.