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D.C. Photo Fakeout: Ain't no lobby too small for a Kimpton wine party

You know, this Photo Fakeout is rather heartwarming.

See, the photo on its website gives no indication that the lobby of Kimpton's Hotel Madera in D.C. is tiny. But the photos snapped by an Oyster reporter -- like this one, for example -- show that the lobby is, in fact, teensy. And...that's okay.

Look. Obviously, Kimpton isn't going to make a point of spotlightling said teensiness on the Madera's website. Fine. But Kimpton does make a point of ensuring that the complimentary wine hour, which the boutique hotel company is famous for (we were big fans of the free guest wine receptions at The Muse and Hotel Palomar Westwood, to name a couple), still happened despite the space limitations.

And guests don't seem to mind the size of the lobby when holding a bold cab in their hot little hands.

Read the full Madera, a Kimpton Hotel review.

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