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D.R. Photo Fakeout: The vanishing building at Don Juan Beach Resort

Ahh, the Dominican Republic. The sun shines, the breeze lightly blows, and the palm trees sway. And, at least at the Don Juan Beach Resort, buildings disappear. While the marketing photo on the left would have you think that the pool has an unobstructed view of the beach, our photo on the right reveals the reality. Although the pool is very close to the sand, if you stand just a little to the left and turn your camera just a bit to the right, as we did when we visited, you'll see that part of the hotel looms over the pool. The building, cleverly omitted in the marketing photo, spoils the view and disturbs the serenity, even if the pool is just steps from the sand.

Update: Since we published this Fakeout, the hotel has removed the misleading photo from its website. Kudos, Don Juan Beach Resort!

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