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New York Photo Fakeout: Hello, wall!

Both of the above photos are of a Deluxe Room with One King Bed. And this room at the Holiday Inn New York City -- Wall Street is pretty nice -- a big bed, a window that lets in plenty of natural light, a small flatscreen TV, and even a coffeemaker. But what the marketing photo (on the left, above) conveniently leaves out is the right-hand wall. With the wall conspicuously absent, it seems that the room could stretch on and on for ages; the potential guest has no idea how big the room really is. And how big is it, exactly? Well, it's small. Very small. And while we're used to hotel rooms in New York City being tiny, we like that our real photo on the right shows an honest depiction of just how tiny that room is going to be upon arrival. If you're still curious, we have an entire photo album of this room, so you can see every detail and see it from every angle.

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