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Miami Photo Fakeout: Oops! Read the fine print before booking at The Four Seasons

Ah, to be a guest at The Four Seasons Miami. The carpet is a lovely, subtle beige hue, the curtains are understated and elegant, and the city (and your troubles) are far, far away...

Or so they'd like you to think.

Remember that game you used to play as a kid (and, um, perhaps that game you played yesterday in the back of a celeb gossip rag) where you had to count up all the differences between Picture One and Picture Two? Well, comparing these two photos of The Four Seasons Miami -- the image accompanying the description of a Deluxe City View room on their website and our own photo of the same type of room -- is sort of fun like that game.

You know what's probably not so fun? Expecting the room on the left and finding the green carpet and festive curtains you see on the right instead -- and then looking out your window to discover the sweeping view of the Miami skyline is, in fact, a breathtaking view of the building next door.

But that's your fault. You should have read the (ultra) fine-print on the website: "Photographs are an example of room quality only. Some items may have been rearranged or added, and views may differ. Please refer to the written descriptions for specific physical details and views." Cue sad trumpet sound effect.

Update: Since we published this Photo Fakeout, the hotel has been renovated and our review and photos have been updated.

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