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Miami Photo Fakeout: The smiling gym-goer strikes again

Oh, look. A photo pulled off of a hotel website featuring people smiling and laughing in a gym, a place where people are (typically) neither smiling nor laughing.

Where have we seen this before? Oh, right: here and here.

This one comes from the Hotel Nash in Miami, whose fitness center promises "enough cardiovascular equipment to work every part of your body." But the photos shown on the "fitness center" section of the website promise... well, a totally different room.

So when you see model-ish people on a hotel website goofing around in a space that looks like it might be a fitness center -- and they're smiling, laughing, and appear to be having fun -- you probably have a photo fakeout on your hands.

The dude in the orange and white shirt totally knows it, too. He can't even look you in the eye.

Update: Since we published this Photo Fakeout, the Hotel Nash has closed and reopened as the Lords South Beach.

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