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Wailea, Maui, Hawaii
The Fairmont's newly opened kids' club offers full- or half-day programs that include educational walks along the beach; half-days are $65 per child, and full days are $85 per child.

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 The Fairmont's newly opened kids' club offers full- or half-day programs that include educational walks along the beach; half-days are $65 per child, and full days are $85 per child.
The Fairmont's newly opened kids' club offers full- or half-day programs that include educational walks along the beach; half-days are $65 per child, and full days are $85 per child. The Keiki Lani Kids Club for five- to 13-year-olds offers arts and crafts, games, and swimming, among other supervised activities. Grand Palladium features four separate kids' clubs to accommodate four different age groups: the Baby Club (ages one to three), Mini Club (three to five), Maxi Club (six to 11) and Juniors Club (12 to 18). The clubroom shown here has lots of supplies for arts and crafts. The TV and board games of this clubroom should appeal to the six-to-11-year-old Maxi Club set. A huge, castle-shaped kids' club houses facilities and activities for kids of all ages. Older children sit on plastic desks for supervised drawing, and other activities and toys are geared toward toddlers. Characters from The Lion King and Winnie the Pooh make appearances in the club's fun, jungle-themed mural. There's even an enormous ball pit for kids to play in. Nino's Kids Center is fully stocked with games, finger paints, regular paints, a mini pool table, and building blocks. There's also a minitheater in a separate room. The Beaches Negril Kids Club is one of the best and most extensive we've seen. These kids are learning how to read short words in the kids' club classrooms. The large outdoor play area has fun toys and play structures. Kids can perform on the kids' club's own small stage. Camp Hyatt, an appointment-only day care center, is a vast, nicely air-conditioned single room with a modest collection of toys and drawing easels, as well as an all-important television. The Rainbow Express Keiki Club, a children's activities program for kids ages five to 12, offers full- and half-day programs. Activities include Hawaiian crafts, seashell hunts, sandcastle building, swimming, and fishing. Full-day programs are about $95; half-day programs cost approximately $60. Anancy Children's Village has a series of colorful cabins that house supervised activities like video games, arts and crafts, and stories with naptime. The kids' club for five- to 12-year-olds features a different activity every day. Daily morning sessions are offered for $50, plus night camp on Mondays through Thursdays, from 6 to 10 p.m. The kids' club is Flintstones themed, with boulders and dinosaurs aplenty. When our reporter visited, the club was well staffed with a bunch of friendly counselors, and the kids -- for the most part -- seemed to be having a great time posing for photographs with their parents and zooming down the slides. Grand Wailea calls its kids' camp a "mini-resort," and rightly so. Camp Grande is a 20,000-square-foot facility with a video arcade, pingpong and foosball tables, a PlayStation room, a mini movie theater, and an activity room. Camps, programs, and workshops are offered for kids ages five to 12, as well as seasonal activities for teens (Spring Break, Easter, summer, Thanksgiving, and Christmas). The hotel also offers free activities like stargazing ($15 for five- to 12-year-olds) and fish feeding (free). The Kids' Klub at Rose Hall Resort and Spa, a fenced-off and supervised playground with slides and swings, offers daily activities. A supervised miniclub for kids four to 12 years old is open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The kids' club's sand playground has wooden and plastic jungle gyms. Kids for All Seasons, the on-site club for children ages five to 12, is one of the only complimentary programs in Hawaii. (A day at the Grand Wailea's Camp Grande, by comparison, costs $125.) Thanks to a partnership with Sesame Street, costumed Sesame characters roam the grounds. Elmo makes an appearance here at the Sesame Kids Camp. The Sesame Kids Camp has colorful tables for arts and crafts activities. Giant Pooh bears and a stuffed Mickey Mouse are tucked into a bed with a castle headboard. The shelves hold beach towels, toys, and games. Kids can play foosball under the kids' club's thatched roof. The entrance to the kids' club, called the Explorer's Club, reads "No Adults Allowed" (with a strikethrough to emphasize the point). This resort is serious about kiddie fun. The kids' club has a grassy outdoor play area and playground. Clever organized activities, including cooking lessons, camping night, and boat excursions for children ages four to 12, go on from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. -- considerably later than most resorts, where activities generally end at about 5 p.m. Parents use the Kids Fun Club, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., as a drop-off center. It's nothing special, but kids can at least spend time watching cartoons or filling out coloring books. Worn-out parents can drop their kids at the Fun Club, where they can tie-dye T-shirts and get their hair braided. Wedged behind the buffet, the kids' club building had lots of games, a small playground, and two shin-deep pools with animal-shaped floaties. At this active kids' club, our reporter found two young Italian staffers dressed as Tinkerbell, leading the little ones to the kiddie pool. Geared to ages four to 12 (though most of the little ones are somewhere between three and 10 years old), participants in the kids' club can expect to play football (soccer), pingpong, and tennis, go for many a swim, and try flying on the resort's much-loved trapeze. The Small Prince Kids' Club is large and well organized. A playground and a shaded outdoor area at the kids' club help keep the young ones entertained. The kid's club has large indoor and outdoor play areas, and also offers child care. The Explorer's Club offers a full schedule of activities from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., such as nature tours and staff-led lunchtime. Club Mongoose serves as a drop-off center with video games and supervised rubber-mat flop space. The daily kids Mini-Club is popular with guests and has a playground, miniature pool tables, and loads of games. Keiki Aloha kids' club for ages five to 12 offers Hawaii-focused activities for $65 for full day with lunch or $50 for half-day with lunch -- about $15 cheaper than at the Grand Hyatt. But the one-room club is also far less impressive than Camp Hyatt, and it's open only four days per week. Miniclub Principito is one of the larger kids' clubs in the Caribbean. Three tiled-floor rooms painted with Disney characters and Winnie the Pooh house shelves of bicycle helmets, plastic rackets and finger paints. Organized arts and crafts activities take place on the colorful kid-size plastic tables. A separate naptime space has brand-new cribs and kid-size beds. The kids' club's windows open to the outside. The kids' club includes a playground and kiddie pool. For kids ages three to 12 Camp Hyatt supplements Nintendo Wii, board games and computers with a program designed to teach kids about Hawaiian culture, which includes activities like feeding koi fish and making leis or palm-frond weaves. The sessions run from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. every day; the full day session and the night camp are both $80 per child, including lunch or dinner. Young singles dominate the scene at the Costa Caribe Coral Beach, but families who do bring children can turn to the Coralin Kids Club, which looks like a Caribbean hut for Smurfs. Inside the little one-room house, a staff member supervises the kid-size pool table, foosball table, and board games. To the right of the house, a multicolored gate surrounds the kiddie swimming pool. Kids run wild at the resort's kids' club. Lucy's Kids Club is fairly small, but has a huge jungle gym, a very shallow kids' pool, a game room with foosball, mini pool and pingpong tables, and even a nap room (though the counselors say this room is never used). It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and the counselors speak decent English. The club accepts children as young as five, and teens ages 13 to 16 are also welcome during the high-season from July 1 to September 15. Activities include a "fun dance," free-throw contest, volleyball, and a nightly "mini-disco" at 8:15 p.m. The Riu Ocho Rios Kids Club has a small playground and an indoor activities area. The kids' club is housed in a small villa and has a basic play structure in the backyard. The kids' miniclub is pretty basic -- just a one-room building near the beach with a sand floor and an enclosed playground that closes by 4 p.m. every day. For older children (eight to 12 years old), the entertainment staff organizes tennis, archery, and soccer games. A kids' minidisco takes place every night from 9:15 to 10 p.m. The Riu Bachata Kids Club is looking a little worn. The kids' club's sad playgrounds is composed of only a swing set and small jungle gym. The colorful kids' club is a step up from the Riu Bachata's next door, and is located right on the beach. The Starfish Trelawny has lots of options for the little ones, including a kids' club with adjoining playground. The dilapidated kids' club doesn't have air-conditioning, but these kids seem to be making the best of it. Our reporter noticed that parents usually accompany their kids to the club -- it's not the kind of place where you can drop them off for some kid-free relaxation. The Marriott Activity Zone Experience includes aquacise, lei-making and ukulele lessons (charges may apply). The kids' night camp for four- to 12-year-olds is available Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 9 p.m. and includes dinner. The on-site kids' club has varying activities and hours depending on the group of guests staying there at the time, but there aren't really any other kid-specific features at the resort. Oasis Hamaca has a serviceable on-site kids' club, but the resort is located in the D.R.'s sex tourism capital, so it's not the first place we'd choose to bring the kids.