14 Stunning Properties Where You Can Actually Sleep in a Tree House


If we've learned anything from our travels around the world, it is to expect the unexpected. Especially nowadays, hotels are no longer just hotels, where you book a generic room with a crummy view and spend the night. (Okay, well you're right -- those certainly still exist.) But rather, more and more have begun to cater to guests craving adventure by offering experience stays that are just as much about helping to create a unique memory as they are about providing a roof over your head. One such trend in this category that has really taken off is tree house stays. Whether the property offers exclusively tree house accommodations, or instead it features one or two tree house-inspired retreats, hotels in the trees are a real thing these days -- and many travelers seek them out. So to make this search a bit easier, we found 13 stunning tree house hotels that you'll definitely want to visit in 2016.

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