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SoHo, New York City, New York
This hotel pulls off mix-matched decor with the best of them, and it succeeds in pulling off a cozy, homey feel -- especially in its Drawing Room, where a fireplace can be found.

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 This hotel pulls off mix-matched decor with the best of them, and it succeeds in pulling off a cozy, homey feel -- especially in its Drawing Room, where a fireplace can be found.
The weather's getting colder, at least here in New York, which means it's time to start thinking about all things winter: itchy turtlenecks, the scent of pine, Aunt Edna's eggnog, and crackling fires that warm your heart and toes. We're big fans of fireplaces (honestly, we really, really love them), whether for cuddling with your sweetie and a cup of cocoa, or just for cozying up with the gals while catching up on gossip. In case you love fireplaces as much as we do -- and 'tis the season! -- we've rounded up our favorite hotel fireplaces on Oyster. Some are inside the guest rooms, others are in drawing rooms or reading libraries, but all get the job done. Below we'll show you photos of our favorite fireplaces, from Boston to Los Angeles. There's a great fireplace in the "writer's den" portion of the Library Hotel's Bookmarks Lounge, which also has a bar, an outdoor terrace, and an enclosed "greenhouse" space. The Jefferson is our favorite boutique hotel in Washington, D.C., with elegant guest rooms and classic American architecture. We love the colonial touches here, like a working dumbwaiter and the intimate library seen above. Every single guest room at the charming Fifteen Beacon boutique hotel has a gas fireplace, making it our top pick for a romantic hotel in Boston (it doesn't hurt that the hotel is perched in quaint Beacon Hill, surrounded by hidden gardens, antique shops, and gorgeous brick Federal-style homes). This shot gives a better sense of what a standard guest room in Fifteen Beacon might look like. Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes might be in sunny southern California, but come nightfall, there's no reason why good friends can't sit around a lovely fire recounting the day's adventures and roasting marshmallows. Guests can here can also enjoy a small fireplace in the reception area of the hotel's spa; in addition, one of the spa's treatment rooms has a fireplace next to its copper tub. The outside of the Ayres Hotel may look like your typical airport hotel along a big highway, but the inside will surprise and delight you with its ornate, European-like decor. The lobby is home to this 400-year-old stone fireplace from France. The Greenwich Hotel is our favorite boutique hotel in New York City, and charming, Bohemian-looking spaces like the Drawing Room -- complete with fireplace -- are part of the reason why. This wider shot of the Drawing Room shows more of the decor and gives a good sense of where the fireplace fits in. The W Boston may be one of the city's most modern, most fashionable hotels, but its designers were also a bit practical: Guests coming in from the chilly New England air will appreciate this fireplace found in the lobby (though no promises on how much heat it's giving off). Every room in the Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghiradelli Square is a one-, two-, or three-bedroom unit, and they feel more like apartments than hotel rooms. Each one has a living room with a gas fireplace, like the one seen above. Besides every room having a living room fireplace, the hotel has two outdoor terraces with communal fireplaces: the Mustard Terrace, seen here, and the Nursery Terrace. The Nursery Terrace is the hotel's second outdoor space that has a communal fireplace. Rose Bar is one of the poshest bars in New York City, and it features the toasty fireplace shown above. Here is another photo of Rose Bar, so you can see the full space and understand how the fireplace comes into play. The Roof Club and Garden at the hotel is home to a stone fireplace, too. This hotel's lovely spa, which is open to the public, includes an indoor pool area that is home to this gas fireplace. Although this St. Regis has a modern lobby full of clean lines, there's also a cozy feeling come nightfall. The lobby and library at Trump SoHo in New York have similar gas fireplaces. Hotel Casa Del Mar has two fireplaces in its lobby which are turned on in the afternoon, though they're mostly for show -- Santa Monica doesn't get very chilly. The second fireplace in the hotel's grand lobby. The following fireplaces don't actually work, but we're giving them credit anyway for helping to set the mood. Heck, if you can't have a working fireplace, you may as well have that stands there and looks pretty, right? Rooms at Hotel Casa Del Mar, like the one seen here, are impeccably decorated, and some of the suites top off the wonderful decor with a cozy-looking fireplace. We love the elegant, classic decor of the guest rooms in the Hay-Adams, and the addition of a fireplace -- even a non-working one -- in this Interior View Room is the perfect touch. This hotel pulls off mix-matched decor with the best of them, and it succeeds in pulling off a cozy, homey feel -- especially in its Drawing Room, where a fireplace can be found.